New work

Kat shows the front of her quilt.Kat shows the back of her quilt, facing the Delectable Mountains she demonstrated.

This shows the front and back of a quilt I made for my grandson, Jack. His room is decorated with a camping and Boy Scout theme. The fabrics I used came from Hannibal, MO, the hometown of Mark Twain. The scenes are of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. I will give him the book, Huck Finn with the quilt.

On the back is a print showing Davy Crockett in the wilderness. That’s camping old style.

I made this at the Khaki Quilters retreat this week. We had 2 1/2 days on a tropical island at the Life Enrichment Center. Still smiling.

Changes again

Today has been a busy day. We played water volleyball, then made a lasagna dinner, and had friends over to eat. Then more friends joined us to play Trivial Pursuit. When I had a few minutes I packed my clothes for a 3 day, 2 night quilters’ getaway. And while I waited for the brownies to bake, I finished the last 8 blocks for my new bed quilt. I still have not packed the sewing things I will take to work on. But my goal was to finish my bed quilt top before I leave. It’s now in 3 pieces, there are 121 blocks. Good enough. Here is a picture of part of it.


I think I have changed in the last couple years. I’m not as good a cook. The lasagna was dry, I didn’t keep it. And I made Ghirardelli brownies, with chopped walnuts on top, but didn’t like them much. Maybe we eat out so much that home cooked food is too bland. Well that is enough resting, now to pack.


Does anyone besides me remember how to spell Hallowe’en? It has an apostrophe in it, because it’s short for All Hallows Evening. I think this has been changed by popular usage. But I like it, I think it looks formal in keeping with the traditional meaning of the holiday.

In any case, I am planning a party, and made some table runners, and a couple table mats. Here are 2 of them.

I was experimenting with a 60* triangle and a kaleidoscope block, which uses a 45* triangle. I think I like the kaleidoscope block better.


At last

Hi, I finally remembered to post. I have a few pictures to show.  A friend came over to make mosaics. We started small, to see if she liked it. We did a couple frames, and both enjoyed working on them. These use preformed glass tiles. If she wants to make more, we’ll use glass and cut it ourselves.


Art classes

2015-07-23 16.55.382015-07-23 16.56.19

A funny thing happened to me when I invited a friend over.  I started giving art lessons.  There are a few new books I wanted to try out, and my friend is a willing victim, er, student. The pictures I posted are really bad color,  in life they are a lot better. The techniques are like anything else, it looks easy until you do it. But practice will help, and because she is coming over, I get to practice. Happy face.:)))

Paradise in pictures

2015-06-20 16.21.46


I was asked to make a tiny quilt that shows the lifestyle in The Villages. Specifically the palm trees, clouds, flowers and golf carts that are so familiar. After considering several other quilts, the Quilt Guild of The Villages  chose mine to be on the cover of the guild cookbook, Cooking in Paradise!  Eek! I’m geeked about it!

Car Stitchery/Busy Work

2015-06-17 20.21.27This began with scraps from home and my friends. I cut a piece of batting about 16″ square, and laid fabrics on it to cover. There was no plan. Then I sewed whatever I felt like doing on top of it. There is stem stitch, chain, fly, buttonhole, cross, and colonial knots on it. I used DMC floss, and size 10 variegated colorscrochet cotton.