Little Purses

These are purses I am making for Summerfest in Saline. They are small, will fit a Nook, maybe a Kindle. Not big enough for a Kindle Fire. I think they are great travel bags. You can put your keys, phone, some cash and cards, and run. The strap is long enough for across the body. Or you can knot it, and use it as a shoulder bag. These will get a small elastic loop and a button to close them. I am making 24 of them. The fabrics are so pretty, I can’t decide which is my favorite.
The count is now 105, with the purses added.

Ereader bags

Three bags for ereaders. Which one is the right size for a Kindle Fire? I don’t know, so I’m sending off the 2 larger ones to my sister, so she can test them, and tell me. She has a stylus, so needs a flap on the bag to keep it safe. This makes 49 things this year.