The birdhouses my grandkids made this week. Or I should say, mosaiced. We spent 3 1/2 days together, and had lots of fun.

 This is the gazing ball stand I told you I’ve been working on. It was great to have busy kids around, I got a lot done too. Number 79.

Another view of the stand.

Gazing ball

 Here is Rick with the Redbud tree. It is blooming a month early. I think the peak bloom will be in a day or two.

 Here is me with the Flowering Cherry tree. It had a haircut last week, took off 3 branches. Now it’s in full bloom.

 A longer view of the Cherry, with a blue gazing ball.

 Here is a close up view of newcomers to the flowerbed, 4 plants of Dwarf Daffodils. Just 2 tiny flowers show now.

 The Gnome family is back from winter vacation. Sam the Elf presides over them, as usual. It looks like a Fairy has dropped by.

This is the red gazing ball, whose stand needs to be mosaiced. Somebody should tell Kat to get busy!

2 hours later- Okay, I got busy. I started to mosaic the gazing ball stand. It’s a big job, can only do a 2″ strip at a time, because of the curve.

Address Mosaic

Project of the day- address mosaic. This was fun, made of stained glass, about 6″ by 10″. Since it’s on particle board, it will not weather well. So, I’ll seal it and put it on a covered porch, after grouting. Maybe I’ll also tile the side edges. Number 65