Dog bed repair#1

Charlie chewed the canvas corner of the new dog bed to fraying bits in the first 24 hours. I sewed a new corner on this morning, over the spot. It will be only a short time before he chews another corner, maybe today. I have to design a completely edge-free cover for the dog bed frame. And it has to be 2 layers of very tough canvas, so he doesn’t put his foot through.
He has demolished indestructible beds his Dad bought from pet stores in less time. This one is in better shape after a couple days than expensive ones. If I can’t find a way to prevent him from ruining his bed, he will sleep on the bare tray in the bottom of the crate at night. Poor Charlie. His teeth get him in trouble.

Buddy Naps

This is Buddy, (10lbs.) on a new bed I made for his cousin, Charlie (55lbs.). Buddy is old and feeble, but he doesn’t know that. He barks at Charlie, from a safe distance, behind a gate. Charlie is a bull dog mix, and could be called the Destroyer. He has chewed and torn through a number of bedding materials. I made this of heavy canvas, and used 2 layers for the top and end casings. I sewed the casings 6 times, to re-re-reinforce them. My son cut the pvc tubes to raise the bed off the floor. We are trying to make Charlie comfortable, despite his rough nature. Maybe the smell of Buddy on the bed will make Charlie happy, dreaming of snacks.
 Dog bed, Number 77 for the year.