This is another one of those days. I went downstairs to get gel medium, and made a rooster while I was there. This is why I am still disorganized. It makes me very productive, but a bunch of new stuff to finish takes a lot of time. Making the picture is the fun part. Grouting and putting on hangers is work. I’m really into fun.

Number 202. We’ll see if I get the yellow chicks, bluebird, trivet and rooster grouted before Summerfest.

I keep trying to get ready for the classes I’m teaching at QU this Sunday. But things get in my way. I went downstairs to get paint. First I put hangers on about 12 mosaics. Then I put on price tags. Then I went down to get paints, but made these 2 new mosaics because I walked past the workbench. I have made lists, and started piles for the classes, and for my Summerfest booth. Now my feet hurt, and my back, and I still am not packed. I remembered to get the paint this time. Now I have to go up and get my samples. Numbers 198,199.