Gazing ball

 Here is Rick with the Redbud tree. It is blooming a month early. I think the peak bloom will be in a day or two.

 Here is me with the Flowering Cherry tree. It had a haircut last week, took off 3 branches. Now it’s in full bloom.

 A longer view of the Cherry, with a blue gazing ball.

 Here is a close up view of newcomers to the flowerbed, 4 plants of Dwarf Daffodils. Just 2 tiny flowers show now.

 The Gnome family is back from winter vacation. Sam the Elf presides over them, as usual. It looks like a Fairy has dropped by.

This is the red gazing ball, whose stand needs to be mosaiced. Somebody should tell Kat to get busy!

2 hours later- Okay, I got busy. I started to mosaic the gazing ball stand. It’s a big job, can only do a 2″ strip at a time, because of the curve.