This quilt was made by the mother of a friend of mine. The quilter’s sight is failing, so my friend asked me to finish it for her.  I quilted 4 of the blocks, and the border, put on the binding, and tied the sash and border.  It’s done today, I hope in time for her birthday. Number 74 for the year.

Lap quilts

 A quilt made of mostly Kaffee Fasset fabrics, just for fun. Top is done, needs to be quilted.

 Another mostly Fasset fabrics quilt.  This one is golds and blues. I am posting a close up of the fabrics, they are yummy. Makes me want to go get more. At this rate I’ll never use stuff up. 61, 62

Baguettes Getaway, part 3

 This is a football quilt I made for my grandson, Thomas. It is a late birthday present. I was determined to finish the top at our getaway, so I can get it quilted and give it to him a month late. I had all the fabrics chosen, and the design, but was waffling about doing the work. Having my friends to talk with made it go so much faster.

This quilt was all done but the binding, so I finished it up. Usually I sell quilts, or make them as gifts. So I seldom get to keep the prettiest ones. But I feel a need for some pink in my life, so this is on my reading chair.

I missed getting a picture of Deb’s tablerunner, in red and white. Maybe she’ll post a picture of it on her blog. Take a look here.

The time we spent together showed us again how we value our friends. We have been meeting regularly for 9 years now. We have shared weddings of our children, births of our grandchildren, aging and deaths of our parents, illnesses, fears,  tears and joys. And we share a love of creating art and beauty, the work of our hands. We are woven into the fabric of each others’ lives.
This brings my count to 60 things made this year.