Two pillows done

Jack and the Beanstalk is now a pillow, about 12″x16″. It is hand embroidered, my own design, inspired by a book of fairy tales. This has an overlap opening on the back.
And I finished the Mermaid and Troubadour pillow, about 15″ by 16″. This is my favorite one. It has a side zipper.
Here are the backs. Jack has blue and green. Mermaid has lavender and multicolor.





Baguettes Getaway, continued

 After taking care of business the first day, we felt like playing. So, inspired by a picture in a magazine, we decided to each make a small quilt using circles appliqued to a pieced background.
Julie is good at staying on task, and made this lovely little panel.

 Deb changed her mind about the circles, and put squares on hers first, topped with circles.

 I started out okay, with some bright fabrics. But they were chattering at me, so they turned into Monsters In Love.

Then, because I had strayed so far from my intent, I made another one. But after all the piecing and recutting and more piecing, I wanted to quilt designs on it, instead of applique circles.

Running with Scissors

 Running With Scissors invited me to teach a Folk Art Quilt class on Sunday. Our theme was Secret Life. We had 16 people, all working hard and playing with their stashes of fabric.

 They were portraying a Secret Life, a fantasy vision of a possibly different reality.

 Some people chose to show a personal story.

 Others made a memory quilt, ( of the time when she was a Viking!)

 They were colorful.

 And imaginative.

 There were animals…

 some of them studying to be professors.

 Others were just showing off their cute personalities.

 Some people showed a personal dream of success.

 Others were mind readers, showing the dreams of their pets.

 Great artists of the past were inspirational.

 Symbolism came into play with a couple quilts.

 Admiration of other cultures made a good subject.

 Communication between species was a theme of one or more.

And it was an opportunity to play with new styles.
I have unfortunately missed a picture of one quilt which depicted an ideal dream of the future. Maybe if Mary sees this, she can send me one??
We had a good time.