Catch-up pictures

 This is my granddaughters’ dresser. The painting is done, but it needs to be sealed, when the weather is warm enough to spray. It has flowers, bluebirds and a fairy on the front…

 a palm tree and monkey on the left side…

 a tree, puffy clouds and bumblebees on the right side…

 a happy moon and stars, and fairies on top…

and a bluebird and fairies on the back. Number 55.

Dining room done

It takes much longer to put things back, than it does to empty a room. In an hour or less yesterday, we removed everything. Today I have worked for 3 hours putting it back. I must have had 30 things hanging on the wall. There are a couple places that I clustered a bunch of small things. Foolishly deciding that it would all look fresh if I changed the positions of things, I rehung them differently. There are a few unhidden small nail spots now, too bad. I’m tired.
And because stuffing everything in the living room overnight made it a big mess, I have been trying to rearrange all the decorative stuff there too. I missed my calling. I should have been a museum coordinator, I have all the exhibits to fill a large warehouse. It takes years to cull the tchatchkes from a collection. You know how 3 items of one theme make it a collection? I unwittingly have collected collections. More purging is on the way. And you know as soon as I get rid of it, I’ll want it for a good reason.

Almost there…

Another room nearly done! I just finished the bed skirt for the guest room. I intended to staple it to the box springs, since I hate the way skirts slide around. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the box springs is all metal! No stapling. So, I sewed it on. My fingers are sore tonight.
I went out to get matching fabric for curtains. I have just enough to make them, if I use spring clips on top, and hem them by sewing the lining on, and turning right side out. There is not an inch to spare. One piece is 60+3/4″ long, the other is 72″. If I don’t mind the look of an added piece, I can cut a bit from the long one and add it to the shorter, which will barely be long enough as is. The old curtains are 60+ 1/2″ long.
My brain is tired, so I’ll think about it tomorrow.
In the meantime, we painted the dining room today. I should say my dear sweetie did.  And he cleaned the carpet, in guest room and dining room. It will be dry in the morning, and ready to reassemble. Right now, I have 2 bookshelves, all my beads, (15 boxes!) 6 chairs, 2 plants, 3 lamps,  the drapes, 2 large pictures, a clock, and numerous treasures strewn around the living room.
And I did some more work on the dresser I am painting for my granddaughter. I thought I was done, but tomorrow I must add fairies to the top and front. I showed her pictures, and got the request.

Painting this time!

In the never ending saga of cleaning out my house, in which we have lived for 21 years, we have entered the painting phase. The guest bedroom, formerly known as sons’ room, is getting a face lift. It will change from medium sage green, to pale lime sherbet. If you added a bunch of white to lime sherbet.
There is only 1 small window, and I expect the room will be much lighter with this color. I am also making a new bedskirt, in a grass green and cream vine print. All the queen size quilts I have will look nice with this fabric, I hope. Green is a neutral color, and most of my quilts have flowers in them, so it works. And I hope to do a window treatment too.
 Next week the room will house a good friend as first guest sleeper in the new decor. Maybe I should make her a sash, like Miss America wears….Miss First Guest!!!