Two pillows done

Jack and the Beanstalk is now a pillow, about 12″x16″. It is hand embroidered, my own design, inspired by a book of fairy tales. This has an overlap opening on the back.
And I finished the Mermaid and Troubadour pillow, about 15″ by 16″. This is my favorite one. It has a side zipper.
Here are the backs. Jack has blue and green. Mermaid has lavender and multicolor.





Tell Me a Story

 A new embroidery, for another pillow. This one is Tell Me a Story. It features a Princess, who is talking with the little bird who has landed on her hand. He flew out of the cage. A little dog watches them. The Princess’s horse waits patiently to resume the ball game they were playing.
Nearby, an elephant is being tailed by a rabbit. And an alligator has left his house, to go after the goldfish which just swam past the horse. It was a nice, sunny day.
Number 137

Sunshine Pillow done

The Sunshine pillow is done. This is a big one. The white part is 20″ sq.
This story began in a castle. Magical things always start around castles. The first thing on the scene was the running elf. I didn’t know what he was running from, but the gnome is standing by to help if needed. Meanwhile some dandelions started growing in the corner, you know how fast they come up. And a wise owl landed on a nearby branch, looking mysterious. Maybe he was an omen that a fairy was in the area? Because she flew in, sprinkling swirls and stars. A boat sailing on it’s own wave appeared, and it became a sunny day and starry night, at the same time.
Now I should finish 3 more pillows that I embroidered a long time ago, before starting another one. Let’s see if I can.