More placemats for my sibs

My sister T is moving soon, so I made her new placemats, Arizona style.

I also made some more for my brother in Texas. Forgot to take pix, but imagine 6 mats from the Texas print, and 6 napkins from the red fabric (which has little Texases on it.)

I’m on a roll, so I did 4 for my chocolate sis in Denver. Go to Dietrichs Chocolates if you’re there. Yum.


Dining room done

It takes much longer to put things back, than it does to empty a room. In an hour or less yesterday, we removed everything. Today I have worked for 3 hours putting it back. I must have had 30 things hanging on the wall. There are a couple places that I clustered a bunch of small things. Foolishly deciding that it would all look fresh if I changed the positions of things, I rehung them differently. There are a few unhidden small nail spots now, too bad. I’m tired.
And because stuffing everything in the living room overnight made it a big mess, I have been trying to rearrange all the decorative stuff there too. I missed my calling. I should have been a museum coordinator, I have all the exhibits to fill a large warehouse. It takes years to cull the tchatchkes from a collection. You know how 3 items of one theme make it a collection? I unwittingly have collected collections. More purging is on the way. And you know as soon as I get rid of it, I’ll want it for a good reason.