Two pillows done

Jack and the Beanstalk is now a pillow, about 12″x16″. It is hand embroidered, my own design, inspired by a book of fairy tales. This has an overlap opening on the back.
And I finished the Mermaid and Troubadour pillow, about 15″ by 16″. This is my favorite one. It has a side zipper.
Here are the backs. Jack has blue and green. Mermaid has lavender and multicolor.





Billy Goats Gruff

All life goes in cycles. Sometimes we feel like creating art, other times we need to spend time with loved ones. I have a combination of those this week. My wonderful husband found an old book for me, that I have searched for in vain for years. When I was 7, I read stories from the book Giants and Fairies. But I left the book at an elderly relatives’ home, and never got it back. After years of looking through all the stacks of old books I saw in antique stores and resale shops, I finally mentioned it to him. In 5 minutes he had found it online and ordered it for me. I had trolled through many old book dealers websites without luck, but he found it in minutes.
Do I need to tell you how I enjoyed reading it all the way through? How I remembered all the pictures, and stories I’ve never come across anywhere else? I have a fascination with fairy tales and folk tales. You can be sure I’ll be making more embroideries very soon. But here’s the one I made this week.