Marge’s Mill tour

Twotwelve artists toured the studio of Marge Mills last Friday. The lucky group were given a lesson of the process of cleaning, dyeing, picking and milling wool into roving. Marge showed us each step, and told us a bit of her wide-ranging knowledge about wool. She even grows the sheep, and that’s about as far back as you can go into the process of knitting or felting. It was a very enjoyable session. We were steeped in color and texture. Here are a couple pictures.




Last night was our Games Night Hallowe’en party. We were a mixed group. There were pirates, clowns, a guy in a flight suit, a chef, and Men in Black from the Future. That was us. We had black robes, jet packs, and helmets with funnels on top. It was fun. We played Outburst, and Trivial Pursuit. We ate too much, and had pumpkin pie on top of it. Take a look.


Proof of cleaning

Today I took a picture of my dining room table. Why? You may ask. Because I work there on jewelry, and use it as a staging area for all the things I take to classes, and stash whatever I don’t know where to store, on the table. But tomorrow my sister Chris and her husband Erich (aka the Candyman), are coming for dinner. And 2 of my grown daughters and their families and my son, will come too. There will be 15 of us, so we need a place to sit.
Here is the proof I can find the table! And here are my pies, set in the care of Sam The Elf. Yum!



I have been busy with Earth Challenge details. We have about 23 artists and more than 35 pieces for the show, and I am waiting for a few more. I have ordered a new hanging system for Two Twelve Arts, thanks to the show participants and donors. At least 18 of our artworks will use the new system in January.
I have an installer lined up, and am waiting for answers from 2 potential judges. Keith McGuire has pictures, and is designing the postcard, that will advertise our show. I think you’ll be very proud of this display. The show will be hung by January 4th. The reception is Jan. 15, 7 to 9 p.m. Hope you can all come to see it.