Hi, did you miss me? I have been working, but had nothing finished to show. Now I have 6 of the 10 purses I’ve been working on done. These are for the Running with Scissors Christmas Bazaar, Nov. 28, at the Kof C Hall on 12 mile in Berkley. Be there, and see all the wonderful stuff.

These are some samples of marbleizing.

I tested the paints to be sure they floated. Most of the metallics wouldn’t float, even though we added lots of colorless extender to lighten them, but some of the silver shows in the purple one.

Numbers 240-244, aprons. These are for us to wear at the Harvest of the Arts show Saturday. Look for the coolest booth, and it will be us. By the way, those shapes are cactus pickles.

A new Turtle Purse, just finished, number 240.

Today I put the binding on 4 quilts, and made the hanging sleeves. You have seen these already, it’s just finishing details. And I made a new Coneflowers and Mums quilt, which I will show you when it’s quilted, tomorrow or Wednesday.

I have news too. I will be a featured speaker and teacher at the Great Lakes Quilt Guild, in April. I’m doing a trunk show, and teaching a Quick as aWink Quilt.
And, I will be vending at the Good Thyme Garden Club regional meeting, Oct. 22. I hope to have many new flower quilts for sale there. It’s always feast or famine, so I’m doing all the shows I can while it’s available.

Mudcloth, made with real mud from Mali. It has a real name too, but I can’t think of it now. I made it yesterday, and washed out the mud today. The painting came out very black. The cloth was treated with a tea wash to make the mud stain set. The mud is from a secret place, and must ferment before use. I believe this cloth is hand woven too. It was a very fun project. Number 203.