There are 18 pillows with faces, so the count is 334. They are Naughty or Nice pillows. They say “Naughty…I intend to stay this way”, and “Naughty is my best behavior,” as well as 16 more things. They are all different, hand drawn, and painted.

This is what we did in class last night, 30 step gradation dyeing. The pieces are about 9″ by 20″. I scrunched the fabric, other people tied with twine or rubber bands. I am eager to see how those look. Mine are quite cool. Do these look like fish to you? Or flowers? Number 257.

Today I dyed fabric, with 5 people. I expect to show you some tomorrow. It was fun to do, but will be more fun when we see the finished fabric. I have a 30 step gradation, which goes all around the color wheel. And I have a bunch of bits I poured all the leftover dye onto, including the wiping rags. Too bad I had a couple holes in my gloves, and am decorated.