You guys will get tired of this, but once again, I am posting something I’ve made changes to. I lightened the background, a lot, on this painting. It is dark in my family room, and the colors that looked bold under a bright light, were very dim in the house. I may lighten it even more, but I think this is improved.

Number 233. Today I took a one day workshop to paint an abstract flower. Kathe Suddendorf was the teacher. It was a fun experience, and I like my painting. In fact, I think I’ll paint a sunflower! (surprise, surprise!)
I like Kathes’ direct approach to painting. It was easy to follow her directions. My flower does not look like the sample, and she was okay with that. I learned a lot about painting, and I know I just touched the subject.
I took a painting class from another Kathy, Kathy Rhadigan a couple years ago. It was a mural class, and I painted a large dream scene. So, since I am a Kathy, I am now triple dosed with Kathy perspective.
I am including a picture of the mural I painted in Kathy Rhadigans’ class.