Two pillows done

Jack and the Beanstalk is now a pillow, about 12″x16″. It is hand embroidered, my own design, inspired by a book of fairy tales. This has an overlap opening on the back.
And I finished the Mermaid and Troubadour pillow, about 15″ by 16″. This is my favorite one. It has a side zipper.
Here are the backs. Jack has blue and green. Mermaid has lavender and multicolor.





This is the process I use to make Stuffed Nonsense. First, cut felt shapes, I just winged it, and made crooked ovals.

Then I sewed them together, and saw I needed another one.

I cut a square for the bottom, and sewed it on.

I inserted 2 small tiles, wrapped in batting, to weight the bottom.

This is it, stuffed firmly.

Then I sewed on some fabric.

This is how it looks now.