Studio Tour 2012

 Today we had the Two Twelve Arts Studio Tour. Because it’s the largest group of friends I expect to have over for a while, I decided to celebrate my birthday today. June 25 is actually the real day, but this was a good excuse to have a party.
So, I made gifts for my friends that came over. These are little pieced and quilted note pad covers. I made 30 of them, but forgot to take pictures of the rest. A 3″ by 5″ note pad is in them. I had a good time making them, and I think people liked getting a surprise. The count is now 135.

The funny thing about them is, I used the little bits of batik fabrics left from other projects, made 30 pad covers, and you can’t tell I took any fabric out of the box! Guess I have to think of more ways to use batik bits.

My house was the second on the tour today. First we went to Kay Cassill’s home, and had a great time admiring her collection of art, and studio arrangement.
Thanks to all the 212 artists who have opened their homes to our group. So far we have toured 8 studios. Our next tour is in September.
One of our artists offered to do a virtual tour of her weaving studio. We hope to offer that at a regular CakeEaters meeting in a month or two.

Baguettes Getaway, 2012

 These are some of the Baguettes. We had our semi-annual artist’s getaway this weekend. Only 4 of us could make it, due to illness. But we had enough fun for the whole group of 8.

Nan worked on making beautiful beaded designs, that will eventually be on a fabric box. She also did more on her counted cross stitch photo of her nephew and his baby. She was a sparkler the whole time. You can she how she brought light into the room.

Julie and Deb and I worked on sewing projects.

This is the quilt top I finished for a friends’ new grandbaby. She loves antiques, and romantic florals.

 Deb sewed a border on this quilt, a group effort of Running With Scissors Fiberartists’.

 Here is Nan, diligently working on her portrait.

Julie put together this quilt, called Short Stacks, using Kaffee Fassett fabrics.

Running with Scissors

 Running With Scissors invited me to teach a Folk Art Quilt class on Sunday. Our theme was Secret Life. We had 16 people, all working hard and playing with their stashes of fabric.

 They were portraying a Secret Life, a fantasy vision of a possibly different reality.

 Some people chose to show a personal story.

 Others made a memory quilt, ( of the time when she was a Viking!)

 They were colorful.

 And imaginative.

 There were animals…

 some of them studying to be professors.

 Others were just showing off their cute personalities.

 Some people showed a personal dream of success.

 Others were mind readers, showing the dreams of their pets.

 Great artists of the past were inspirational.

 Symbolism came into play with a couple quilts.

 Admiration of other cultures made a good subject.

 Communication between species was a theme of one or more.

And it was an opportunity to play with new styles.
I have unfortunately missed a picture of one quilt which depicted an ideal dream of the future. Maybe if Mary sees this, she can send me one??
We had a good time.