Two large bags, making a rainbow of felt, to take with me, along with an inspiration picture. I panic if I have no handwork, so I am prepared for a car ride. Along with a suitcase of embroidery floss, and my sewing scissors, and a shoebox of crayons to do texture rubbings in the woods. And some paint to show up the wax resist of the rubbings. And some paper. I might need some clothes…

This was my winner in the Celtic Festival Limerick Challenge. It’s one of my least favorites, but there’s no accounting for taste.
In Saline I sat writing a Limerick,
Neither potions, a wand, or my broomstick,
Could find me a word that appeared less absurd,
So I finally ended with Fiddlestick.

I did make a baby quilt, and dolly quilt this week. But I forgot to take a picture of them before delivery. So, count 2 more things. And I wrapped flip flops with black sparkle fun fur too, to send to Karen.