This is the Corvette museum, in Ohio. I missed a lot of unusual sights on this trip, since I kept putting the camera away. The last day, we were focused on getting home, and out of the car. So we drove past many things too quickly to document them. Texas has many beautiful hilly areas, and a lot of flat on the west side. Kentucky is lovely. We were in Loretta Lynns hometown overnight. We saw the Loretta Lynn restaurant, flea market, and trucking company, among other businesses. Our hotel manager rolled her own smokes in between checking people in. And our waitress there had 2 black eyes. Rick supposed she got them fighting off mountain men, since a few were in the dining room.

I know now, the T stands for Tennesee. Tennesee is lovely. We drove a long way through Arkansas. It is a lot like west Texas. But there seems to be more poverty. The scenery is not compelling.

I think there are 323 things I made this year, at least. The beige knitting you saw last week, was finished into a pair of slippers for Karen. That, and the 2 Guadelupe quilts I did on this trip, make 323.