Today I took fabric and markers to the hospital. My sister is an artist, and I thought she’d enjoy having a project to work on. I gave her a task to draw a Lady of Guadalupe, to be made into a little quilt. This one I made. When hers is done, I’ll show you. Number 72.

I took down the show at the library today. It was well received, and a good experience for me. When I got home this afternoon, I got the soon expected call, that my mom had died. We knew she was on the brink, and we tried not to hold her back. She lived long and well. She left many people who loved her. I guess that’s a job well done.

This small square is for a Fiber Arts Guild project. The hardware cloth is 5″ edge to edge. The quilt is just under 4″. I am lashing it to the metal. I have another one to do too. This is 68.

And, a teaser about another project. I made 8 crazy quilt blocks today. They will soon be purses.