The bird I made last night just before bed. It needs a lot, but still hasn’t decided if it has a big tail or small. 141
The rooster is the second thing I did. Connie made the body, and laid out some feathers. I edited it, added more, and did the grass and background. 140

This is the first thing I did at Connie’s house. She painted the cabinet olive, and I decorated it. It was supposed to be all sunflowers, but when I saw the chicken on top, it wanted to be on the cabinet too. So, I made a slightly slimmer version. You know portrait painters do that all the time, it means happier clients. Number 139.

These two purses are made of the 2 color challenge blocks I made for Running With Scissors. My colors are brown and white, black was allowed to be added. I made the blocks into purses because I wanted them to be useful. They just looked like large coasters before.

Today we went to the Memorial Day Parade. We saw and applauded the veterans of wars past, and a wounded soldier from our town, in the current war in Iraq. We listened to the Saline High School and Saline Middle School Bands play. And we heard the New Horizons Band, a group of community adults who play for fun. We waved to the Citizen of the Year, Margie Bovee. We applauded the Boy Scouts, the Twirlettes, the City Council. We saw the Army or Air Force Jets fly by twice. We invited people to the Free Family Fun Day on June 13th, at Two Twelve Arts. It was a Norman Rockwell style holiday in Saline, a wonderful place to live.