This is my friend Deb. She is showing you a small part of her display at Two Twelve Arts, in Saline, Michigan. She is part of the Breaking Traditions show, now at Two Twelve. One whole room is Deb Kolars’ fiber art. It looks wonderful. see her blog, soon at the link Cut, Stitch, Paste.

I get my ideas from everything. The picture of a girl with glasses, is from Girl with a Pearl Earring, by Vermeer(?), and a painting I saw in a magazine, which reminded me of that one. Today I thought of making a flamingo, an underwater skull, with seaweed in the eye, a lily pad pond with koi, a bird silhouette against the setting sun, two fish underwater looking at a worm on a line, cactus on cliffs, and several other things. Don’t know if I’ll do any of them yet. Except the lily pads, and the skull. Definitely the lily pads. If I have the right deep greens. I need more time to play.

This is a new fish, made up north yesterday. We mowed and mowed and mowed. When we were done, I fished. You can see the pins on it, the colored spots. I have some pieces of sparkly netting pinned on. Number 157. Can you see the crab? That’s me, Cancer the crab. My birthday is Thursday! I’m a water sign, that may explain why I walk like I have my sea legs.