Alright, I must be out of my flippin’ mind, but I am going to start a series of small quilts, featuring what women want. I have assembled all I need, including new markers, which are essential for all endeavors. And I will spend some time today writing down the dreams of girls. Then I’ll begin the sewing, my favorite part, soon.

My hair looks like a shrub. If it has nothing on it, you can clearly see the layers, like it has been cut around 4 different size bowls. I blew it dry before these pictures, and fluffed it. Before, front view.

Before, left side.

Before, right side.

After, right side.

Left side.

I like it. It is short, but I think much more flattering. And I expect it will grow out well, without having to be tortured with round brushes and gel. Plus, the shop, Heavenly Metals is a wonderful candy box of delights. There are all sorts of beautiful things to use and wear. I found at least 6 things I wanted, a couple scarves, embroidered, and silk ones, some jewelry made with buttons, (that was not country style,) at least 2 felted purses with tres cool flowers and or spots. And I had husband in tow, so could not look long. I recommend going.