Another bunch of my journal pictures. Remember, I am learning to draw. These are mostly gesture, or contour drawings. They are done while not looking at the paper, only the subject. I diverged a bit with the 1950s outer space woman, and Birthday tart. Karen was the Birthday Tart at the Flying Pickles Getaway. I will leave it to you to decide if I am learning. But I am really enjoying drawing. And I think they have captured a bit of the person somehow.

This is my piece for the Art Salad Challenge. We had 6 items and 5 had to be included. They were, a piece or 2 of yarn, a sheer ribbon, a button, a batik fabric, an onion or potato bag, and a peacock ribbon. I left out the peacock ribbon. I will post the other entries soon.

I spent the day yesterday getting ready for 2 upcoming events. This weekend the Breaking Traditions show, Home, will be hung at Two Twelve Arts. There is a fundraiser for an animal shelter, A Place to Bark, going on with the show. Small kits will be available to make an art project, and I know you’ll want to do one.
Along with it, a Mosaic Show will be on display upstairs. Three artists, one who taught the other two, will show 20 pieces of mosaic art. The pieces range from sophisticated and beautiful, to naive and charming. I hope you’ll take a look, starting next week.