The idea is to make a picture of what’s inside you. Your contents are totally up to you. The media may be fabric or paper. The due date is Monday, Feb 7th at Art Salad class, 6 p.m. at Two Twelve Arts. If you bring it ready to hang, your art will be in the Hawaiian Holiday show, with my challenge pieces.
If you choose to participate, and are not in Art Salad class, please email a picture of your challenge to me, so we can share it. Post a comment to this blog, and I will give the address.
Have fun!

Happy New Year to all. My wish for you is that this year brings more laughs than tears, more success than failures, more friends than ever, and sweet contentment whatever comes. My official item count for the year is 335. (The Hawaiian chicken is not counted, so it may be first this new year.)
Art Salad class is Monday, Jan. 3. at 6:30 p.m.We will be making seed bead rings. You are welcome. The cost is $15, and I supply all the materials for the project. I will bring a huge stash of beads for you to choose. It’s easy, fast and fun. Hope to see you.