Today I made a tumbler quilt for Safehouse. I don’t have a picture of it, because there is no large space clear. But you can see one in my post on March 5. Just picture it in purples and pinks and orange. Number 74

Today I went to the Festifools FoolMoon workshop, and made a paper lantern fish. My daughter and granddaughter invited me along. It was a fun project. When this is dry, I may add colored paper to it. Number 68
Foolmoon is a procession on April 1st, at dusk, that starts at the UM art museum. All the lanterns will be lit up.

A good friend of mine gave me a gift of a custom made apron. It has Day of the Dead on one side, and Chocolate on the other. She knows me well. I love it. Can’t think of better themes than this. And it’s great to have for cooking frenzies, like the last few days.

Yesterday, a friend and I went to Hobby Lobby, and I got 4 books of beautiful scrapbook paper. I don’t do much paper art, but these are so beautiful, I couldn’t resist. I will use some in Art Salad class. Then, because a good day should last as long as it can, we went to Creative Papers Online warehouse, in Ann Arbor. Our eyes are full of eye candy.
When I got home, I made a huge pot of Stuffed Cabbage, my mothers’ recipe. I now have 8 frozen meals of that, and six frozen lasagna meals from Mondays’ cooking session. Times two, because each package is for 2 people. I don’t cook often, so it has to last a long time.
Full eyes, full stomach, full freezer, aahhh!

Today I used all my energy making lasagna. This involves shredding eggplant, sauteing mushrooms and onions, browning meat, cooking pasta, mixing seasoning into cheese, cooking sauce with meat, and assembling it all. Then it waits in the frig for a while. Then I bake it, and eat it.Then it cools, and gets cut into portions, and frozen for other dinners.
It isn’t really a days’ worth of work, but I have a good book to fill in the between time. My granddaughter gave it to me. It’s The Atlantis Complex, an Artemis Fowl story by Eoin Colfer. I really enjoy it. Read the other Artemis Fowl stories first, it’s a series, written for children.