I spent hours today cleaning and cutting mosaic glass. I was given some, and while sorting it, I decided to do all of my glass. All the pieces bigger than 6 inches, I cut down. And I am using plastic boxes with lids to keep it all clean. Now all I have to do is clean the workroom, so I can put it away. This showed up some holes in my rainbow of colors. I will need to get more reds, and oranges, and black.
I am feeling like I’m being swallowed by clutter. If I don’t post for a while, send me a note to see if I survived it.

This is the fairy tale mushroom house that got me started. It was a fun fast project.

Then I made a little cottage for an elf, who was scolding a dragon above it. There was a giant caterpillar in the garden, and the dragon wanted to get it.

An elf musician serenading a mermaid was inspired by an old book of fairy tales.

Then I decided to make Sam the Elf, who gives my grandkids treasure hunts, with candy money as the prize. He is not yet done. There will be a bunch of leafy branches above him. 133-136