A new bag, I call it Bucket Bag, because it stands up. This was fun. I used squares I got from a charm club, and combined them with cool dotty fabric. It’s surprising how the colors are the same, and the styles so different. Number 153.

A 3dimensional pillow. This started as some yarn dribbled on a fabric, then stitched in place. I added torn strips of fabric, and some cutout flowers, made of 2 layers of fabric fused together. I quilted it all, and put it together with a zipper up the side.
This is number 149 for the year. I did not count the 40 fused glass pendants I made before Summerfest.

 I want to introduce you to Daren Otis. Daren is the designer and maker of wonderful purses and tote bags. They are well made, and lovely. She uses the newest fabrics that are on the market for quilters.
She comes to the Ann Arbor Farmers Market. Her business name is Lightweight Travel Totes. I highly recommend Darens’ bags.

 Her bag styles are always evolving. I have 6 different styles of clutch bags I bought over the years. My mom and sisters have too.
I have never been disappointed with a bag I got from Daren. They are sturdy and long lasting. Her prices are surprisingly low.

 I have purses, change purses, and makeup bags too. I used to take my mom to Darens’ shop, long ago. Now my sisters want to get her bags whenever they come to Michigan.We’ve been her customers for at least 25 years.
Daren does special orders, and can tailor a bag to fit you. It’s easy to pick up your order at the Farmers Market too.

She will sell you fabric if you want it, too. I did. Last week I special ordered a bag to carry my computer, in fabric by my favorite designer, Kaffee Fassett. Today I picked it up at the Ann Arbor Farmers Market. Isn’t it great? I’ll also use it to take stuff to classes, and travel.

Today we went to the Ann Arbor Farmers Market. It’s in Kerrytown. This is always an adventure. You never know what cool things you’ll find.

 There’s always lots of delicious produce, of course. It’s beautiful, even if all you do is look.

There are so many hardworking people involved in making this market every week. It’s also on Wednesdays, and Sundays. Sundays are for mostly artists.

 Sometimes you find artwork on Saturdays and Wednesdays there too. This vendor has lovely tablerunners.

 This vendor has beeswax candles, in lots of shapes that are very appealing.

 These flowers became my new desktop wallpaper.

I wonder how many calories are burned by the people who bring all this wonderful food for us to buy.


Friday from 5 to 9 p.m. and Saturday from 10 to 8 p.m. is Saline Summerfest. It’s downtown Saline, at the main intersection, you can’t miss it. Work of the Two Twelve Fiber Artists will be for sale, as well as many other beautiful arts. We set up in the afternoon, and then you can join us for the fun starting at 5 p.m.

 A class I taught at QU, the Greater Ann Arbor Quilt Guild’s retreat. This class was Cup of Joe. The little coffee quilts showed a lot of personality. They featured the things that people like to have at breakfast. One had a window, one had a clock. There were 2 cats included, and 2 apples. One had a remote control for the TV, that was very realistic, wasn’t it? We had fun.

 I taught a class at QU called Fabric Collage Cards. All six people in class finished their project! And the results look terrific. It’s amazing how fabric choices can end up looking so different on the same project.