Yesterday we went to ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. It is a city wide art show, open to all artists, which is displayed all over downtown. The winner is chosen by the viewers. You have to be there in person to vote, and the top prize is $250,00.
It was an incredible experience, which we plan to repeat next year. I recommend you see this show. It is up until Oct. 9th.
We saw art made by people from all over the world. There was a large variety of media represented. From the felted gowns, as seen here….

 acrylic and oil and watercolor paintings, like this…

 knitted 1 inch squares, which made this picture, about 7 by 9 feet, and other fiber arts,

 kinetic sculptures, like this, which was a whirligig,

 chalk drawings on paper,

 art made by homeless people,

 living sculpture, like this, in which the 2 men moved around and struck poses, but when they were still looked just like statues,

 rolling sculpture, like this Geo Metro,

acrylic painting, like this one a day series,

to this coffee stirrer building, completely woven and held up by tension, no glue.
For more views go to this blog.