I like masks. They convey a mood, and a sense of place. They show what people fear, and aspire to be. I have made many mask quilts, which you can see on my website, When children learn to draw, they start with faces. It is both recognizing mother, and themselves. This one is by an artist in Albuquerque. It’s cast glass, with a metal setting.

 This one was carved by an artist in Germany. My mother brought it home about 1978. It is wood, with the bark on the top of the head.

This one is a cast of my daughter Karens’ face. She was 13 at the time. My other daughter Jen made it.

 This one is from an import store in Ann Arbor. I call it Bird on Head.

 This one was made by A Saline artist, Paul Losey. He used wood that he culled from his landscaping work, My Gardener. I call it Mr. Eyebrows.

This was made by another Saline artist, Sharon Graf-Horning. It is fired clay. Sharon is a potter at Two Twelve Arts.

Tiny Goddesses 
 Most of these were made by Roselyn Tyge, but a few were made by me. They are ceramic, and are sprinkled around the house. Their job is to lift spirits, and keep the mood light. Usually they do a good job.

Size 11 and 8 Seed Beads
I love going to Bead Stores. It is an easy way to get a color fix. These are just the size 11s and 8s, but they are so pretty I wanted to leave them out on the table after I took this picture. Sometimes I use these to make spiral rope necklaces.

This is a small group of my sewing room gods, the Guadalupe’s. Right now these lovely ladies are residing in the office, until I discover space in my sewing room. My other sewing room gods are small enough to fit on a windowsill, but these are a bit bigger. I love the image of The Lady of Guadalupe, because she seems to radiate power. I think a woman who shines with lightning is a good role model. She has a couple friends here, including Our Lady of Perpetual Help, which is always good to have, and a doll made by a Navaho artist in Albuquerque. And I have two St. Michael, the Dragonslayer statues, just in case. The painted panels were done by my daughter Karen, and me. And there is a doll on a stick behind them all.
I was told by a friend last night, that my home is a feast of color.  That makes me very happy.

Chicken Flock
This is a pared down group of my chickens, etc. I put them out in November, because it is a foul (fowl) month. The skies are usually gray, and I struggle to move. There are more chickens in this flock, but they are molting in the cupboard this year.

 This is the first of a new series of pictures. I call it Collections. I have been collecting buttons for many years. Today I did some sorting, and took pictures. I will show you a very small part of my collection of buttons. I keep them out, on the tables and shelves, so all can appreciate their candy-like quality. I encourage people to run their fingers through the buttons, as we visit and chat. I like to have them handy, in case an embellishment opportunity arises.
If tires came in all colors, I would want to get them all. It’s the colors I collect. In future pictures, I’ll show you my colored pencils, markers, crayons, fabrics, bead boxes, and who knows what else. None of them has value, but for the visual delight I take from the colors.

So this is Bowls of Buttons.

 This is Blue Buttons.

 This is Jars of Buttons.
I hope you enjoy them.

 These are 8 by 10 canvases. I separated some decorative napkins, and used gel medium to adhere them. Then I added hot fix crystals, and painted the word Joy on them. a simple project, and easy to hang on a straight pin.
203, 204

 A new entry in the Secret Life series, Twinkles Vacations Outside the Bowl. Obviously, in the ocean, with the big fish.

Secret Life series again, this is Nelson has Nightmares that he’s Been a Bad Boy. He has a vivid imagination. Number 206