All the pictures on this blog are in Picasa. I have reached my limit of pictures on Picasa, so I have to figure out how to delete some. It took me 5 years to fill it, so I guess it’s time. Please be patient, I’ll post soon.

You might think that living 3 miles from UM Stadium we would be in it a number of times in 21 years, but this was our first visit. Our son was running in the Big House Big Heart 5k run, and we watched him as he started and finished.
That place is truly gigantic. Walking up the ramp to enter is like climbing a ladder. You need binoculars to see across the field. Glad we went.

Tell Me a Story

 A new embroidery, for another pillow. This one is Tell Me a Story. It features a Princess, who is talking with the little bird who has landed on her hand. He flew out of the cage. A little dog watches them. The Princess’s horse waits patiently to resume the ball game they were playing.
Nearby, an elephant is being tailed by a rabbit. And an alligator has left his house, to go after the goldfish which just swam past the horse. It was a nice, sunny day.
Number 137

Studio Tour flowers and project

 Dear friends brought flowers for me today, to the Studio tour. Deb brought this beautiful bouquet…

 And Gaines brought these lovely tulips. I am sorry I did not get pictures of the tour in progress, but I was too busy.

 My guests made little stamps on this foam material, and used them to stamp a picture on a piece of muslin. Then they assembled little Prayer Flags to hang outside, where the wind can carry off their wishes for the Spring season.

This is what they looked like finished.

Studio Tour 2012

 Today we had the Two Twelve Arts Studio Tour. Because it’s the largest group of friends I expect to have over for a while, I decided to celebrate my birthday today. June 25 is actually the real day, but this was a good excuse to have a party.
So, I made gifts for my friends that came over. These are little pieced and quilted note pad covers. I made 30 of them, but forgot to take pictures of the rest. A 3″ by 5″ note pad is in them. I had a good time making them, and I think people liked getting a surprise. The count is now 135.

The funny thing about them is, I used the little bits of batik fabrics left from other projects, made 30 pad covers, and you can’t tell I took any fabric out of the box! Guess I have to think of more ways to use batik bits.

My house was the second on the tour today. First we went to Kay Cassill’s home, and had a great time admiring her collection of art, and studio arrangement.
Thanks to all the 212 artists who have opened their homes to our group. So far we have toured 8 studios. Our next tour is in September.
One of our artists offered to do a virtual tour of her weaving studio. We hope to offer that at a regular CakeEaters meeting in a month or two.

Little Purses

These are purses I am making for Summerfest in Saline. They are small, will fit a Nook, maybe a Kindle. Not big enough for a Kindle Fire. I think they are great travel bags. You can put your keys, phone, some cash and cards, and run. The strap is long enough for across the body. Or you can knot it, and use it as a shoulder bag. These will get a small elastic loop and a button to close them. I am making 24 of them. The fabrics are so pretty, I can’t decide which is my favorite.
The count is now 105, with the purses added.

I have been madly working on a variety of projects this week. I can’t show you yet, but after tomorrow morning I will post some pictures. This has been lots of fun. Tomorrow the CakeEaters will be touring 2 artist’s studios. Mine is one of them.
I have done some cleaning, but most of the work has been secret projects! And I’m still not done with them. But I’ll be ready for tomorrow. See you after the tour.

Sunshine Pillow done

The Sunshine pillow is done. This is a big one. The white part is 20″ sq.
This story began in a castle. Magical things always start around castles. The first thing on the scene was the running elf. I didn’t know what he was running from, but the gnome is standing by to help if needed. Meanwhile some dandelions started growing in the corner, you know how fast they come up. And a wise owl landed on a nearby branch, looking mysterious. Maybe he was an omen that a fairy was in the area? Because she flew in, sprinkling swirls and stars. A boat sailing on it’s own wave appeared, and it became a sunny day and starry night, at the same time.
Now I should finish 3 more pillows that I embroidered a long time ago, before starting another one. Let’s see if I can.