There’s been a lot going on. My sister from Denver came to visit. She stayed here, and we had a great time. We spent Monday, starting with breakfast at a local diner, then to the Saline Memorial Day parade, to see my grandson march, as well as friends who are veterans. We sat on the curb with my daughter and son in law, and littlest grandson. We saluted the flag, and took pictures.
Then we went to my other sister’s house, for a birthday party for her husband. There was a barbeque, we swam in the pool, and we saw the youngest family member, Isabel, born 4 months ago. Her mommy is very petite, but Isabel will take after Dad, who is 6’8″. She’s already 27″ tall, almost the height of my kids at one year old.
After we had enough fun to last for at least an hour, we drove to my other daughters’ house, for the last party of the day. My sister had not seen the house before, so there was a tour. Then we lounged by her pool, and took another dip. We heard the details of my grandsons’ Destination Imagination Global Finals trip. (His team came in 4th in the central challenge, but they bombed the instant challenge.) Another team from his school took the top prize over all! He met people from Turkey, South Korea, China, and all over the U.S.
 It was a delightful day, filled with family and friends. I hope yours was as fun as ours.

I finished 2 wood quilt blocks, and hung them on the fence. They look pretty good, but I wish I had used different colors in one of them. But right now my dear husband is prepping another piece of wood for me to paint another block. I have lots more space on the fence ;^)
I did a little stitching on one of my art cloth pieces. So far only that and appliqued a small piece of gold metallic mesh fabric onto it. I can’t sit still for long this week. Our new little doggie thinks I need a lap puppy when I sit down.
We went to a wedding last night, at Cobblestone Farms. It’s a lovely historic barn and property. We sat outside for the wedding, and the barnyard animals started chatting during the vows. It was like they were saying,”Yeah, we will promise.” The rooster crowed a dozen times, the chickens clucked, the sheep baaed, the pony whinnied. It was very entertaining. Then we ate in the barn. Our table was in the loft. It was pretty, the food was good, the company delightful. The bride and groom looked radiant.

Alright, we finally got some exchange of vital information going about the blog/website changes, between my two tech guys. I can see this will take another week at least. So, I’ll tell you what I’m doing, and you can imagine how it looks.

1. I have a bunch of art cloth I’ve made over many years. There is a new show being sponsored by Running With Scissors art group, and I want to use some of my art cloth. So, I have made a couple sandwiches of art cloth, felt, and hand dyed cloth. And I have collected some 3D embellishments I want to use with them. That means bead fringe, buttons, and bits of glitzy fabrics. I will add other things I come across too, like paper stuff, sheer fabric, plastic. I mean to sit meditatively, and stitch in stream-of-consciousness fashion this week. Something might develop into an Above and Below artwork.

2. And another project I am doing for the show, is a panel with black silhouette machine stitching of trees on the edge of a pond. The background is more art cloth I made a while ago. I am heavily free motion quilting the picture, and plan to add 3D embellishments to tell the story.

3. I have cut and primed 2- 24″ squares of plywood. They will be quilt blocks to hang on the fence, when I paint them. Might do Flying Dutchman block, or Flying Geese, and Variable Star. Or maybe Milky Way, which is stars and 4 patches.

4. I collected a bunch of smooth rocks, to make mosaic designs on, and use in the garden, or as door stops. Now I’m collecting ideas for them.

Please take a look at Two Twelve Arts Center blog, for a look at the Folk Art quilts people are making in my class. Holly is one of the artists, whose quilt is the leaf in the background. She has plenty of colorful birds she is putting in the picture, so look again after tonight. This quilt is a first for Iryna, who pictured her sweetie pie dog. She came with sketches for several ideas, but I’m glad she is making the dog. He’s charming. And I’ll tell you more about the Russian tea cozy doll after class tonight.

Negotiations are still underway for changing my blog and website. I think it makes sense to combine them, to some degree. Then I can have things for sale online. This is exciting.
I know, not so much for you, but it gives me the power to make changes to my website by myself! So, it looks like I will keep my current website as is, and start a new one that is easier for me to use. So, the history of things I made will still be there, at . But the new website will allow me to do mobile posts, show you cool things I find, and offer current work for sale easily. More to come….

These will be the top hanging bars for windchimes. They are fused glass.

 These will be the chimes, along with beads. The drops are fused glass, the beads are glass. They are meant for indoors, where the tinkle will be pleasant. I think outside they would soon be shards and slivers.

This is part of the 7  seven dwarf costumes I am making for my grandsons’ DI team. They are going to a Duct Tape Ball, at the Global competition. I made felt blanks, on which they will create the duct tape costumes. These are Robin Hood style hats, and turned up toe shoe covers.
This is the second time Thomas and his team have made it into the GLOBAL competition. Can you tell I am proud of him?
Destination Imagination is a creative problem solving competition. People from many countries participate. He met people from South Korea and Germany last time.

My husband and son are making changes for me for this blog and my website. As soon as the changes are finished, I’ll let you all know. I imagine it will be at least another week.
In the meantime, I will post pix of the things I am doing, if the blog will let me.

This is the little Art Doll that my friend Sandy made for me. It says TEN on the front, because I told her how I used to walk to the library every Friday, and take out 10 books, that was all they’d let me have. I was about 11 years old, and my uber-reading habit was well established already.
 I read all the books they had on Greek mythology, (from the adult section), by special permission!
But that was not the limit of my interests. I also read mysteries, and historical fiction, and many other genres.
Sandy remembered the story, and made this dolly, who wears a chicken on her head,( see my art), a tea bag on her necklace, and holds a tea cup and a book. What a sweetheart Sandy is.