I have been stitching a lot, but have not really liked the results. I’ll try to post a picture after I write. The theme I was exploring is Above and Below, for an upcoming show. My piece does not meet the shows requirements, and I won’t enter it, but I was thinking about the theme so I’d get an idea. I have buttons trapped below sheer fabric. One is below a web of stitches. There are circles done with oil paint crayons, above silk screened circles. There is a fringe of beads below, and a row of buttons above. I wrote a poem too,” Up above, looking down, do we twinkle on the ground? Does our chaos make a pattern? Is it visible from Saturn?”
This was a fun exercise, but not exactly eye catching.

This is the whole quilt I made for entry into IQF. It didn’t make the cut, and I blame it on the photo. It’s hard to take pictures of shiny fabrics, and dark ones. There is hand beading on the flowers, and lots of fancy quilting. But I will enter it in another show.

I was at a fabulous baby shower yesterday. Well, truth to tell, I was one of the hostesses. But my part was small. The huge success of the party is due to my friend, Maureen, who provided her elegant home. Every little corner in her home is more beautiful than most museum collections. She puts a lot of effort into her home, and it is well worth it. That she has traveled the world is apparent. Her ability to attain such beauty is only enhanced by her finely tuned sense of the value of objects. She has a sharp eye for a bargain, and can see possibilities I would never imagine.
And Maureen is so generous to her friends. We all felt delighted to be treated to a meal prepared and served by a French Chef. Even the goodie bags she sent us all home with were delightful.  Now she will be soon be a Gramma. That is one lucky baby.