The show is ready

Above and Below, the fiber art show is ready to go. I just got home from hanging all the beautiful art quilts, with the help of Deb Kolar and Karen Losey. The opening reception is next Friday night from 7-9 pm.
You won’t want to miss this one. Our youngest artist is 6 year old Samantha Mahalick, and her work is impressive. We also have a quilt by Joan Potter Thomas, the director of Northville Art House. The artists’ interpretations of the theme range from celestial to hilarious. I hope to see you at the opening.

Above and Below show fast approaching!

This is the Arts’ Apartment building made by 212 Fiberartists. The opening reception is at Two Twelve Arts Center, September 7, from 7 to 9 pm.

That’s next Friday!

So far I have comments from 4 people. Remember I will send out a tiny quilt to one of the commenters each week until the end of September, so there is time to for you to comment still for the first drawing.

New Blog, Same Blog Writer

Hello, Have you followed me here? If so, post a comment. I’ll send out a little tiny quilt to the winner whose name I draw. It will take me a little while to learn how to use this new site, so please be patient. So, I’ll send out a little goodie to a commenter once a  week for the next month.

There will soon be a change in my blog. I’ll have a new blog address. When it is set up, I’ll post a link here, and ask you to bookmark it, so we don’t lose touch.
This change has been a long time coming, and it will take me a while to get to know all the different ways to use the site. I should be able to post with my mobile phone, so can show you cool things I see. And in time I’ll offer things for sale too. Since I have quite a number of art quilts, jewelry, mosaics, and felt bags, there will be a variety.
My techies, (kids), have assured me this will be easy to do. Please be patient while I learn a foreign language as quickly as I can :^)

Hello, I hope you are having a great day. I’m a little warm, but otherwise good. But my website is having a problem. The service I use to route traffic to the website is not functioning. So, I am posting this link to allow you to look at the website until we get a different routing service.
Please go take a look at my website. If this will not work for you, let me know. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.

 As long as we’re here, I’ll show you what else I’ve been doing. While waiting for a friend to come over, I recycled a bit of hardware cloth into a doll. She has a pendulum inside, from my sisters’ beads, and a button corsage. Her head was supposed to be polymer clay, but the clay I bought was too old and crumbled. So I used a wine cork. Her name is Stella Luna. She holds a key flattened by the train.

And I painted another wood quilt block for the fence. It is 2 feet square, like the other ones. This block is Broken Dishes. I have one more block ready to paint, if I get to it this summer.
These hang with screw eyes, and will be taken in for winter.

 Another new book, Brownies. This one is obviously a box, with gold duct tape on the edges. In person, the tape is very shiny and reflective.

The paper in this book is paste paper I made last year . I did some with wallpaper paste, paint and combing. And the more crinkled paper is made with gel medium and paint. Both are brown paper bags, recycled. The heavier texture is a grocery bag, the thinner, lighter ones are flat paper bags, like lunch bags.
This is all stuff that was lying around the house, waiting for inspiration. I don’t know how well regular pens will show on this paper, or the previous book I made. But I think gel pens, especially white, will show up well. Or Sharpies are another option.