For Art Prize Viewers

I am posting some of my work here, to show those people who picked up my card at ArtPrize. Today was the first day of voting at ArtPrize. So here they are.

Busy day

Today I taught a Slash and Burn Fiberart class. We layered fabrics, stitched them together well. Then we burned holes with a woodburner. After that we used a heat gun to distress the surface all over. The results were delicious to see. Please look at my older posts to see what I mean. My camera was not usable today.

I also finished up a Rock Mosaic Doorstop class. We grouted the rock mosaics we made Monday.

Since my daughter is getting married Saturday, I will be too busy to post for several days. I will draw a name from the comments next week, probably Tuesday. And then post a picture of the winners choice. Hope you have a good week. I plan to do so.