I seem to have the attention span of a gnat. Every time I try to go through a magazine, after a few pages I have go put it down, because I am rereading it without comprehending. Except news magazines, which I can follow much better. But art and craft magazines cause my mind to spin off. I want to handle art things, not read about them.
I wonder if this is something you also do. I want to try out new techniques and products , and go off websurfing for them. After loading my cart, I leave it and decide to look locally.
But give me Time magazine, and I can’t put it down. I can think of world events clearly. This must take a different part of the brain than art.
I feel like art is spontaneous with me, and does not involve words. And reading is verbal and derails my art process. Maybe this is why I have trouble taking classes. I can do, and learn from seeing, but can’t listen and make art. A divide in the brain?


It’s good we have a holiday to remind us how lucky we are. I am thankful for that, and for many great things besides.

I am thankful that I have a loving family, as I know some others who are on their own.

I am thankful that I live with a humorous man, who makes me laugh  in surprise still. A smile a day goes a long way to making life good.

I am thankful that I remember how hard it is to do simple things after an injury or illness, and hope it makes me generous with help to those in need.

I am thankful that I was once the new girl in a new place, and hope I will try to make others feel welcome.

I am thankful that I have lived with  very few luxuries, and hope I will always appreciate simple pleasures that are free to all.

I am thankful that I have lived in relative luxury too, and hope I will remember that happiness can’t be found in a store.

I am thankful for memories of all the fun I had, places I went, people I knew, and times I have lived through.  And I hope that I will continue to appreciate the changes that come with time. Because without change, there is no life,

I am thankful for the little flashes of understanding that pass in an instant between people, even strangers, and make us smile at each other. It’s good to know people are basically good.

I am thankful I have friends who are much more thoughtful and timely than I, who recall me to be my better self.

I am thankful that I inherited my son’s dog, because he taught me a whole different kind of love and compassion, that I never knew before.

I am thankful for work to do, and the things I need to do it. And I hope that I will make better use of my time, my energy, and my things, in the years to come.

And I hope you enjoy the day tomorrow.

Quilt Auction for Gleaners

Quilt Auction on ebay

Go to the link above to bid on the quilt. But HURRY! the auction ends November 22.

This quilt was made by Running With Scissors art quilt group, for the benefit of Gleaners food bank. It’s lovely, and can be yours for the right bid. I admit, it was me that started trouble. Can you believe it? I made the diagonal blocks, oops. So some more had to be made to balance out the design. Once a troublemaker, always gonna be one.