Another fairy house

Still having fun with this. I used USArtquest studio cloth, which is a fine canvas. I applied paint and napkins, along with a bit of Effectz, a very fine glitter. And I sewed it together with embroidery floss. This is for the Lemon Fairy. The pink and blue is for the Strawberry Fairy.


An old friend from childhood

My dear husband found this book for me. I had it when I was about 7, but haven’t seen it for many years. In fact I wasn’t sure it was the same book until I opened it. All the stories and pictures are so familiar! This is the way I first learned of Red Riding Hood, and Three Billy Goats Gruff! I know this language , it is still echoing in my heart.


This necklace means a lot…

This is a meditative piece. I made it to reflect my lifelong connection to Lake Huron, family and other bodies of water. The colors, shells and stones are the lake. The turtles are me and my husband, meaning long life and long love. The 4 long shell shards are our 4 kids, and the cluster of 6 drops are 6 grandkids. There is a little mermaid at the bottom, for my water baby daughter, who is expecting twins this year. I feel I want to clasp this in my hand as I wear it.