I am still working on 3 bags of books given to me about a month ago. I have learned I like David Baldacci’s writing. His stories move along quickly. The main characters reflect on the perilous situation they are in just enough to be interesting. He allows a reader to follow the logic of their thoughts and actions, but keeps back enough to be suspenseful. This is another good one.


Another book! Imagine that!

If you watch Castle on tv, this is a book you should read . It’s about solving the murder of Nikki’s mother. It takes you in new directions, with exotic travel, scary gunfights, deaths of friends, secret history and nonstop action. I really want to tell you what happens, but you should read it yourself. Just finished.


Today’s book

Mad River by John Sandford
This was a good book. It was suspenseful, puzzling, carried the development of repeating characters forward, I liked it. I don’t know which was the first book with Virgil Flowers in it, but this one fleshed him out. He’s an interesting character.


More books!

I have been reading like a crazy woman for 2 weeks. 10 books now! There is a permanent butt print on the love seat. They are mystery books, several kinds. A couple are police detective procedurals. One is an army investigator. And 3 are Castle( like the tv show) books. And I found a new character I want to follow. His name is Bruno, and he lives in the French countryside, and is the police chief.
I may be reverting to my former self, a reading addict. I used to carry a book all the time, even reading while I folded laundry and vacuumed. For many years my nose was in a book 18 hours a day. Hope to stop before I devolve that far 😉