Oh, no! Donuts!

Teenie Queenie snatched 2 donuts off the table while we were outside! The box and a little bitten chunk were all we found when we came back inside. She keeps looking at us, and cocking her head sideways, as if she’s asking where the other 10 donuts went.


Doing other things

Although I have been posting a lot of the books I’ve been reading, I have also been doing other things. I have a couple quilts in the works, that I can’t show yet, because they will be gifts. And I’m preparing for several days of Gramma Art Camp. I’ll have a few of the grandkids, and together we’ll do fun art things.

I plan to cast some plaster molds with the kids. I only have one mold, but hope it will be fun. And I have air dry clay, to make some little figures. And we’ll also do some wire sculpting, who knows what that will become. And I want to do collage. We’ll tear a  magazine picture apart, and stick part of it down. Then we’ll finish the picture with line drawing.

Later we’ll paint some crazy animals with watercolor. And if they like, repaint the totem pole. And of course, refresh the painted eyes in the woods. They look out of dozens of trees, and can be quite spooky in the evening. Maybe I’ll take glow in the dark paint.

And playing family baseball is required. This is a game in which the batter gets endless tries to get a hit. Then, continues to run the bases until the ball is returned to the pitcher, sometimes going around the bases three times. It is hilarious. Making big detours to avoid being tagged is allowed. Some of the kids are so big, they can hit the ball over the fence, into the neighbors’ yard, or across the street. That is not easy, there are a lot of trees that interfere. But it adds to number of times they run around the bases, which is good.

This game is usually followed by a walk to the ice cream store, about 2 miles or so. If I had to walk 2 miles for every dessert, I’d be as skinny as the kids.

FBI thriller

That’s how the description reads on the cover. Back Fire by Catherine Coulter, I just finished it. This is not my favorite kind of book. The cast of characters was confusing in the beginning. The characters’ internal monologues are stilted. The plot twist is completely out of the blue. Agents jump to easy conclusions. I will skip this author in the future.


Another tv series book

This one is from the author of the Rizzoli and Isles show. I don’t watch it much, but have seen a couple. As a result I imagined the actors while reading it. The Last to Die, by Tess Gerritsen. The story was entertaining. There was enough complexity to keep your interest. The only well developed characters were the detective and M. E. , but that’s what tv is like.
It was a quick read, good for several hours when there are too many mosquitoes to go out.


New book done

I just finished Dark Vineyard by Martin Walker. This story features Bruno, the chief of police in his little town in France. He loves the town, the people, his dog, his job. He feels they belong to him, and need his care. His contentment and sense of rightness show through all his actions and thoughts. How could a reader not be enamored?