Working early today

Our son left today for California. We miss him and his fiancĂ©e already very much. I guess it’s time they get on with their futures, but we feel so left behind. Because they got an early start, I did too. The colors change from the heat, they will be brighter when cool. You can see my broken heart here, in the kiln.


New hot glass

Although I have read a few more books, I have not been idle. This is the first couple groups of fused glass pieces I’ve done for the holidays. Yes! I mean the Christmas sale. I know it’s August, should I wash out my mouth?
There will be some decorative wire on these, and hangers when they are finished.



Painting passion updated

Seems like I return to these things. I paint Rick with his guitar, and I paint chickens. This time I also painted rabbits jumping over trees. I think they do when nobody’s looking. The fabric swirling around Rick is a serape, the music is Spanish.
I added a new chicken, and a leaf picture. Also, I put more detail in the guitar and chicken pictures.