Changing times

After being wishy-washy for a long time, which is quite unlike me, I finally decided I no longer have a desire to make art for the sake of selling it. For many years I had to think of that, because I had to support all my art supplies spending by selling the product. Since I have a big appetite for art supplies, that was a lot of work.
But now I feel I must have reached the threshold at which I don’t need as much, so I’m free to play, instead of work. It’s the same as retiring from a regular job. I can dabble as I like. I don’t know if this is encroaching age, or just a new perspective. I don’t have the drive to produce so much anymore. Maybe it’s related to having 2 new grandkids, and my son moving away. I feel I want experiences more than stuff. Did I grow up? How do you feel? Are you working less than you used to?
Don’t think I’m not making anything now. I have 4 new panels of free motion embroidery in my studio, being made into journal covers. And 10 pieces of fabric ready to become tablerunners on the ironing board. But I’m making them for certain people, not for a future sale.
I have shelves full of things for sale still. Since I play fast, I’ll probably make more. You know how you make many things before you feel like stopping. It’s like having a new toy. You play until you know all about it. And that means the stockpile builds up. But I hope to downsize that too. It’s true that the more you own, the more it owns you.

Progress on decluttering.

I have been trying to downsize my collections of art supplies for a long time. In some cases I have to decide if I realistically expect to spend time on a hobby. You know it’s hard to admit your time is limited, and your space.
So, this week I took a step in the right direction. I gave all my wool for rug hooking to a friend. I love to see hooked rugs, they appeal because of the designs, the texture, the history. But I don’t enjoy making them. I like to make hooked rag rugs, but not wool ones. It’s a different process.
Feeling so good about that decision, I sorted through all my yarn. I packed a huge bag full, and gave it to a knitter and art teacher. Now I’m down to just one small dresser full, from 2. This is empowering. So, the momentum was still rolling, and I pulled out my 2 large boxes of felt. The art class can use the 16 yards or so of felt, sooner than I can.
Next I want to go through the china cabinet….