Getting through a slump

Periodically I avoid making anything. Sometimes it’s because I have a bunch of books to read. Other times I just can’t make myself go into the studio. When this happens I try to set a small task for me to do, as frequently as I can make me do it .
Journal covers are one such task. They are a small commitment of time, don’t require gathering materials, because all the stuff lives in easy reach in my sewing room. As you may see from recent entries, I’ve made a few. I think of it as doodling with fabric, similar to doing so on paper. But my favorite medium is fabric, so I sew.
But I want to journal too. I love to make books, and covers, but hesitate to fill them up. The desire is here, I just haven’t established the habit. Or at least, revived it from years ago.
So, as of today, I will make an art journal. I have made the cover already. The equipment is all over the house, so I’ll gather it. I want to use stencils, washi tape, Inktense pencils, oil pastels, pens. And I need to limit the tools to a reasonable number. (That will be difficult, since I have lots of paper art equipment.)
Please check back soon, and send me a note if I’m not living up to my intention. I need a nanny to keep me accountable.
Here’s the cover , front and back.