Another fun event

As you can see in the picture, The Magic Flute was performed last night by UM musical artists. We took two of our favorite granddaughters with us to see it. It was very well done, the singer’s voices were remarkable. Papageno’s duet has been swirling in my mind all day. It was especially fun that a friend of our granddaughter was in the orchestra! We learned the girls like matinees better, because they have so much homework on weekends. Next time I think we’ll look for Carmen, another one of our favorite operas.


The big bag project

I am dyeing 64 more tote bags for the wedding guests. I did 8 as a test group. They came out okay, so I ordered the rest. Because of space limitations, I can do a dozen at a time.
After they are all dyed, I’ll screen print them with the bride and grooms names. The guests will get them full of tourist information and maps, when they check into their hotels.




Trying to make changes

It’s been a few days since my last post. Then I tried to make a plan for each day of the week, a master plan, so I get around to doing all the things I long to do, sometime.
So far, I’ve decided to cut back a little bit more. I’m going through some of my stash, and culling it. One box of stained glass and one bag of collage papers are getting new homes. It’s only a bit, and part of a very long process. I find it hard to make decisions about this. So I’ll show you the glass, so you see I’m making an effort.


Getting to do it all

There are so many things that are fun to do. I like several of them. For instance, sewing art quilts and bed quilts, painting with acrylics, collage with paint and a variety of media and papers, making jewelry, embroidery, dyeing fabric and clothing, making mosaics, and fusing glass, and art journaling. Those are my big interests.
Because there are so many, I am having trouble finding time to do it all. Maybe if I designate a day of the week for each hobby, I’ll get in the habit of keeping up with all of them.
But if I want to sew Monday, and that is a Wednesday activity, then what? Perhaps because sewing is my main, long term interest, it can be an alternative for any day of the week. So I could say, Monday is for journaling or embroidery, Tuesday is painting or collage, (they use the same stuff, and space,) Wednesday is jewelry or embroidery, Thursday is sewing, Friday is sewing. The weekends are
freestyle, anything I feel like doing. This is where all glass work is done. Then, any day I’d rather sew, great.
Do you think this stands a chance of working? Do you think it will achieve my goal of doing it all?
I have several more hobbies, but do them seldom enough that weekends will suffice.
Except for that person inside who starts a project, and can’t stop until I make 10 pieces!