Painting lesson

I am trying to learn to paint better, by copying and modifying pictures by other artists. This one is by Elaine Cory. Of course, mine has many differences, in particular skill. But I like the results, it’s a cheerful picture. I’ll hang it in my living room, and live with it for awhile.


Kantha Stitching

I wanted to do a bit of Kantha stitches, so I grabbed some fabric scraps that were headed to the trash, and laid them on batting scraps. Then I cut circles from more trash, and pinned it all. I sewed with machine embroidery thread, regular thread and hand emb. thread. I made sort of straightedge lines a bit apart. Then when I got bored I did some across, and some x’s. And I decided to edge stitch some circles. Then I laid 2 yarns on the edge and did a buttonhole stitch to finish. This was fun. I like the colors, unplanned. I like using trash.



Chicago food tour

Who knew there are so many good places to eat around Chicago? Okay, probably lots of people. But I didn’t. I got a chance to try some of them earlier this week, when my grandson planned all the dining experiences for our group of travelers. He is 14, therefore a food expert. While his mom attended classes, two grands and I found fun and food.

Our first stop was Gino’s East, a pizza place known for flavor and graffiti. The suburban location we ate at did not allow writing on the wall, too bad. But the pizza was so full of cheese and toppings, I could only eat one piece.

Another memorable meal was at Johnnies Italian Beef. Wow! It was delicious! We sat at picnic tables outside, braving the 60* weather. Totally worth it! Great flavors on a roll that soaked up a lot of juicy drippings.


One night my intrepid daughter drove us Downtown! We ate at a Wonderful BBQ place, SMOQUES . I had ribs and pulled pork, coleslaw and peach cobbler. But don’t worry, I walked some off at the Bean. We went right by Wrigley Field too !




Bag update and other news

36 of the tote bags are dyed, washed, pressed, printed and pressed again. 26 of the remaining 38 are pressed and waiting for printing, and 12 are not pressed yet. I can print 6 at a time, then let them dry for about 30 minutes. The screen has to be washed and let dry, so the ink does not dry in it, ruining it. This has turned out to be a long term project, but I hope to finish them all this weekend.


Remarkable use of scraps

My very talented granddaughter made earrings with me the other day. Every time I cut off the excess wire from the head pins, Mary took it. When she had a little pile of them, she made S shaped links. Then she strung them together with jump rings, and made this bracelet! Now I wish I’d saved them for the past ten years!