Still packing

Some things pack a punch, some a wallop. Me, I pack boxes. Still packing away here… If I can only get rid of as much as I pack, I’ll be happy. I have been told I will take twice as much as I will use in our new place, and will do another round of purging. That seems silly, to pay for it all to be moved, and toss it later. So I am trying really hard to make good decisions. Sometimes, I just poke it in a box if I can’t decide. This is bad.

Also I am trying to pack things to give other people. Making those decisions is difficult too. People attach sentiment to things without an obvious reason. I want to preserve some good memories for my kids, but what is it they remember fondly? Unless I can show it to them, (not possible when sorting 30,000 things), I have to guess. Inevitably, I will be wrong. I hope that they can hold onto memories of things we did, and places we went. And not attach too much importance to things we had.

Small successes

Although we have had 2 scheduled pickups by Purple Heart already, I gathered 12 boxes of glass, china, silk flowers and mosaics today, and took them to the ReUse center. I can tell you, it feels good! I felt pounds lighter as I drove away. For many years I decorated for each holiday, or season. Of course, by adding to the whole every year, there were way too many to put out each time. So I set aside a few things my kids might remember fondly, and boxed up the rest. And I took them to a local recycling center, so they will not end up in a landfill. I feel a little better knowing that someone will like them for the same reason I did. Or, even better, use them in a crazy, wonderful art project.

It was hard to send off some of my stuff. I dithered for minutes over a couple things. But I can see a way forward, to a different aesthetic in the future. Sometimes sentiment ties you down, and limits your re-creation.