Angela Merkle, World Leader

This is my quilt, made for the Herstory exhibit. I am pleased to tell you it will be shown at the  International Quilt Festival, in Houston and Chicago in April 2018. If you are going, please take a look. The figure is a stuffed doll-like form, representing Angela Merkle’s climb from her childhood in East Germany to become the President of unified Germany. The wall is the Berlin Wall, and she sees the Parliament building in the distance.

February watercolors

Still trying to post often, all the things I make. I learned from Deb the difference between good paints, and less good ones. Of course, it’s pigment load. Lucky I used cheap paint on my latest one, since I botched it and had to lift off some words. Also a learning experience.

New painted tablerunner

This is Deb, painting her herringbone tablerunner. We had lots of fun.

This is mine. It’s a canvas tablerunner, painted with flamingos and palm trees. I intended to make it so either side was the top, but again, the urge to paint palm trees came on, and I succumbed immediately. This is about 14″wide and 58″ long, to fit my table.

Spotlight Auction

This is a little part of the fabric I dyed, stamped with my hand made stamp, overdyed, and stitched. It was made for the SAQA Spotlight Auction, coming up soon.

The Florida SAQA Retreat was a treat. I met so many talented artists, and learned from many of them. I did a demo of deconstructed screen printing. My screens were not as I planned, because they dripped as they dried. Now I know to keep them in place flat to dry. But the technique still worked. And I overdyed the fabrics to increase the color saturation after I stamped my designs on them.

We attended demos about using a longarm machine to applique, making papercloth, layering paint onto a variety of fabrics to make an interesting background, sun printing with a heat lamp, passing around a quilt in progress to have many different artists work on it, and more.

The camaraderie was great. I sat with different people for each meal, to get to know them all. The food was wonderful. It was the best food I’ve ever had at a gathering like this. I hope to do many more.