Fun class with Ellen Lindner

I took an Improv Floral quilt class with Ellen Lindner on Tuesday. Although I have made many similar quilts, I wanted to learn Ellen’s techniques for the project. I also wanted to get to know her a little better. We met at a SAQA retreat this Spring.

I made my quilt into a pillow, so didn’t use the best technique she taught, finishing the edges, making a rod pocket, and putting on a label, all on the sewing machine. No hand sewing! But you can bet I will use that the next time. The class was fun, I enjoyed it. If you have a chance, take a class with Ellen. She’s very helpful, even getting down on the floor a couple times to demonstrate. And my new pillow looks good with it’s mates on the couch.

In the last 3 weeks I have invited 3 women to make art with me. All of them are named Pam. It was not planned, just a coincidence. With Pam #1 I experimented with oil paint crayons, Shiva sticks. The second Pam and I made paper collage birds. The third Pam I taught to make a crazy quilt with scraps her mother saved from making her childhood clothes.

Pams are nice, I recommend you get to know one too.