As of now, my count for the year is 235. I have a stack of uncounted bags for Homeless Helpers that I will add. And a couple more items too. This has been a relaxed year. I have not been blogging as much as I did the past few years. I slowed down in part because I felt frenzied, and in part because I was discouraged. I felt I was talking to myself all the time. Many friends have since told me they look at this blog often, but don’t comment for one reason or another. I want to thank the silent watchers for letting me know they are there.
Over the past year, my focus has shifted from production to reflection. Hand stitching has grabbed hold of me again. It takes a lot more time to hand sew, but it is very satisfying. I think of my hand sewn pieces as thoughts, not products. I don’t put much design into them. They come out of my hands as is. Mostly they are about moods, philosophy, and intentions.

And speaking of intentions, here are some of mine for the coming year:
Remember connecting with people is more important than finishing something.
Remember that selling my work is important enough to put time into doing it. Otherwise there is no money for making more.
Remember to keep active, so I have energy and health to do the above.
Remember spending time in front of TV is only valuable if the time is shared with a loved one.
Remember I want to be remembered as a loving wife, caring mother, devoted grandmother, good friend, dependable worker, and skilled artisan, and act to make that happen.
I wish the best for you in the new year. I hope you keep using it, so you don’t start losing it. And if you lost it already, I’ll lend you some of mine.

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