I like masks. They convey a mood, and a sense of place. They show what people fear, and aspire to be. I have made many mask quilts, which you can see on my website, When children learn to draw, they start with faces. It is both recognizing mother, and themselves. This one is by an artist in Albuquerque. It’s cast glass, with a metal setting.

 This one was carved by an artist in Germany. My mother brought it home about 1978. It is wood, with the bark on the top of the head.

This one is a cast of my daughter Karens’ face. She was 13 at the time. My other daughter Jen made it.

 This one is from an import store in Ann Arbor. I call it Bird on Head.

 This one was made by A Saline artist, Paul Losey. He used wood that he culled from his landscaping work, My Gardener. I call it Mr. Eyebrows.

This was made by another Saline artist, Sharon Graf-Horning. It is fired clay. Sharon is a potter at Two Twelve Arts.

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